About Cirrus 4Syte

Cirrus 4Syte provides bespoke contract finance for construction and other contract businesses.

We provide funding when you need it and won’t charge you when you don’t!

We are a lender not a broker and our funds are aimed at accelerating your cash flow.

Our professional management team have years of experience in finance and construction and we have our own in-house QS team to review all contracts.


What Is Contract Finance?

Finance for individual contracts or several contracts providing advance payments against invoices.

You decide which contracts you want to finance and when and we provide the cash!

It’s tailored to you!

Why Use Contract Finance?

It’s an additional source of finance smoothing your cash flow. Contract finance allows you to take on additional work when your existing facilities are being utilised

– NO Set Up Fee
– NO Minimum Period
– NO Impact on your Current Bank Facility

How Does Contract Finance Work?

Tell us about the contract
Tell us about your business
Send us your application form
We assess the application and contract
We approve your facility
We advance against work you have done
The customer pays us and we pay you less our advance and charges

It’s that simple!


Cirrus 4Syte can help you tender for new work by providing an indicative offer of finance which you can use to support your tender.

Other Finance Products


Construction Finance

Construction Finance is just another name for Contract Finance

Buildings Material Finance

Financing contracts requiring large material cost at the outset

Alternative Funding Options


Here are some examples of how we have helped clients with our bespoke finance solutions

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    The Contractor’s Dilemma…

    • Small scaffolding contractor
    • Awarded a three year supply contract
    • Large urban generation project.
    • Doubles turnover
    • Limited cashflow to fund the contract
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    Cirrus 4Syte Provided...

    • Small loan over 12 months to buy additional equipment and
    • A prepayment, against measured work, to pay wages and other costs
    • Single debtor invoice finance @ 60% of invoice value
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    The Results...

    • Contract fully funded
    • Scaffolder doubles turnover
    • More jobs
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    The Contractor’s Dilemma…

    • Rapidly growing flooring contractor
    • 3 main large clients
    • Av job 4-12 weeks
    • Existing funding restricted – contractor not a home owner
    • New work couldn’t be funded
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    Cirrus 4Syte Provided...

    • A whole of turnover facility
    • Match verification
    • Operational credit control to our clients need


    We saw our clients total commitment to the business and understood he wanted to build a great business for his family rather than work for wages to pay a mortgage.

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    The Results...

    • Contracts fully funded
    • Further significant growth followed
    • The contractor is now a proud home owner and owner of a very successful business!
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    The Contractor’s Dilemma…

    • Dispute between owners
    • Funds needed to buy out business
    • Contracts to fund
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    Cirrus 4Syte Provided...

    • Facility for 3 months
    • Funding to ease cashflow
    • Advances made against several key contracts
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    The Results...

    • Owner bought out former partner
    • Smooth transition
    • Short term finance plugged the gap!
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    The Contractor’s Dilemma…

    • Existing invoice finance for routine work
    • Maintenance contract with council deemed too contractual for the lender
    • Adverse impact on cashflow
  • null

    Cirrus 4Syte Provided...

    • Simple facility for the maintenance contract
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    The Results...

    • Working alongside the existing lender all invoices, contractual or not were able to be financed
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    The Contractor’s Dilemma…

    • Major customer goes bust owing £200k
    • Without additional finance the company may be forced to close
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    Cirrus 4Syte Provided...

    • Single debtor factoring facility against one contract
    • £150k facility
    • Access to other forms of finance
  • null

    The Results...

    • The business survived the bad debt and continues to grow
    • Lumpy payments from the contract were smoothed out
  • null

    The Contractor’s Dilemma…

    • Several large contracts with blue chip companies
    • Adverse effect on cashflow
  • null

    Cirrus 4Syte Provided...

    • £150k facility
    • 20 debtors
  • null

    The Results...

    • Cashflow problems resolved
    • Business continued to grow

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How to get in touch

NORTH + MIDLANDS (Head Office)

350 Omega Court, Cemetery Road, Sheffield S11 8FT
T: 0114 236 5688
E : info@cirrus-4syte.com


First Floor, Steeple House, Church Lane, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1NH
Chelmsford Office: 01245 377032

T: 01245 377032
E : info@cirrus-4syte.com


17 Park Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 2SJ

T: 08456 520400
E : info@cirrus-4syte.com

Frequently asked questions

Will you finance just one contract?

Yes, Cirrus 4Syte will look at individual contracts or several contracts.  We can also consider all of turnover but usually we finance up to 10 contracts; although we will go up to 20 contracts in certain circumstances.

(We ask that, as long as we are involved, we deal with any selected customers exclusively so they cannot delay payment on the basis they were “unsure” who to pay).

How much will you advance?

That depends on the nature of the contract, the credit rating of your customer and your own management, systems and procedures.  Typically, we advance 60% of the invoice value but we will go as high as 75% on occasions.

What level of facility will you give?

Most of our customers have facilities between £50,000 and £150,000 but we do offer smaller facilities and in the right circumstances we will consider up to £250,000.  Don’t forget that this is the facility and your contract may well be worth considerably more over the contract term

Do you offer short term funding or am I committed to a long-term contract?

Our finance is bespoke to you!  We can offer anything from a couple of months to a rolling facility to suit you.  Remember that we can finance as little as a single contract and we would finance that for the duration of the contract or if you have new contracts we can roll our facility to cover those too

But will I be charged if I don’t use my facility?

No, we only charge you for what you utilise.  This gives you the comfort of knowing that the facility is available at any time and that it’s not costing you when you don’t need it

What type of businesses do you finance?

Cirrus 4Syte focuses on limited companies that take on contractual work.


Cirrus 4Syte’s customers include Plasterers, Heating Engineers, Carpenters, Cladders, Joiners, Roofers, Pile Drivers, Drywall Installers, Fencers, Floor Installers, Carpet Fitters, Electricians, Glaziers, Engineers, Masons, Ironworkers, Steel workers, Equipment Hirers,

Landscapers, Insulation Installers, Brick Layers, Blasters, Concrete finishers, Tile setters + Polishers, Drainage Contractors, Shop Fitters, Painters, Decorators, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters, Steel Erectors, Dry Liners, Demolition Contractors, Partitioners,……………

Will I have to give a Personal Guarantee?

Yes, we do ask for a personal guarantee although we hope not to have to rely on it.

We will take a legal assignment over the debt arising from the contract we are funding and, where we are your sole funders, a debenture.

We usually expect that will provide the basis of our security. So why do we ask for a personal guarantee?  It shows your commitment to your business and gives you a personal interest in helping to ensure that our lending is a success.

Can you lend alongside other lenders?

Yes we can. We need them to know of and be comfortable with our involvement with you and to allow us a clear path to the direct security we need to take. We find that many banks and other factoring companies welcome our involvement as it helps them retain the business.

What makes Cirrus 4Syte different?

Our background is in contractual debt and finance so we understand the sector better than most.  We have our own group in-house QS team to assess the contracts we are lending against and who can help you should you encounter difficulties collecting a debt.

Are there any set up fees?

No. We do not charge a facility fee.

We do however, ask that our sister company CRS, reviews any complex contracts for us. We want to make sure that we are able to provide finance against these safely and to make sure there are no terms which are detrimental to either of us.

In many cases, for simple contracts, they will waive their fees which generally range from £250 – £750 per contact review.

We sometimes ask that they oversee drawdown in complex cases for a fee of £250. We find their doing so reduces the chances of short or disputed payment.

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